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Thank You for Keeping Us Great

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Last year, we had a stellar year filled with amazing projects, big wins, and of course, wonderful clients.

We were also — for the second year in a row — named Adweek’s 100 Top Fastest Growing Agencies.

This year, we went from #99 to #36. So yes, you could say we’re quite excited about how fast we have been growing and the top-tier work we’ve been producing. But, we couldn’t do it alone.

We’re always working hard to produce great work and though we have a team filled with extremely talented individuals, we’re only able to reach true greatness thanks to the support of our clients. Because of you, we’re making strides and impacting the community.

That impact can be seen in increased funding that will be received over the next 10 years from the Census efforts for Dallas County as well as a rise in vaccination rates due to the awareness we’ve been able to create with a series of videos, ads, and more.

So, we want to properly thank all of you for supporting and believing in ABI. Here’s to another year filled with greatness!


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