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Keeping It 100: Ready for the May Election?

Updated: May 4, 2022

Be sure to mark May 7th and May 24th on your calendars because it’s time for the Texas Primary Run-Off Election! What is a primary run-off? These occur when no candidate’s votes exceeded 50% of the vote. So, a run-off occurs between the candidates who came in first and second in their party. This could even include Libertarian or Green party candidates. However, Independent and write-in candidates must wait until the summer to file.

Didn’t catch the results of the March 1st election? You can find them here with results for every candidate who ran.

A run-off election is the final opportunity to support your candidate of choice before the parties go against one another. So don’t miss out! Early voting runs May 16-20 and voting is open to everyone, even if you did not take part in the initial primary election. But for voters who did participate back in March, you must vote in the same party as you did before.

Has your agency or company made the pledge to vote? Check out our Keeping It 100 Challenge and see how your business can participate.


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