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The Power of the Focus Group

Updated: Feb 29

Creating campaigns can be all trial and error.

You do the research and gather the facts and data about the audience you’re speaking to but sometimes… mistakes are still made. Or, a campaign just doesn’t have the impact you thought it would. It could even completely miss the mark because of a factor you never expected. It happens. But, Focus Groups make it happen less.

No, we’re not talking about running some double-blind study or testing a placebo (though if that’s needed for your campaign, go for it!) but about presenting concepts to a sample group that represents the audience members you’re targeting.

At ABI, we encourage our clients to gain qualitative insight by using focus groups before launching a campaign, creating messaging, or pursuing a new idea. They provide opportunities to receive genuine feedback on your concepts and ideas and to understand how your audience feels about the brand/product/project you’re marketing. Focus groups give you the depth and texture about your brand or product that when combined with quantitative research such as surveys, provide a clearer picture of how the members of your target audience see you.

Our clients frequently request focus group feedback because their customers give us the specific insight and response normally revealed after a market launch. It’s also a fantastic chance to talk to people who interact with the object of a campaign. We can get a real-time reaction and instant commentary while also opening up a dialogue to help us understand what they may like or not understand.

We’ve used Focus Groups to help us on many campaigns that will be seen by Dallas County as a whole because we know our community’s diversity, and we don’t want messaging to come across as tone deaf or ignorant.

The opinions we hear give us a better view of how the overall audience will feel and can even help us see an idea or opportunity we hadn’t thought of. The feedback we receive is made stronger through our ability to segment specific groups to help our clients take advantage of advanced targeting and positioning.

Elevate your next campaign by investing in market research. We’ve completed scores of studies to gain our deep knowledge of the Texas audience with extensive knowledge in healthcare, education, and travel/transportation. Our facilitators can conduct sessions in English and Spanish and also develop surveys for qualitative research. So if you’re going to market with a new campaign or product or want to get post-pandemic research on your brand, we’d love to assist you with a set of focus groups for your audience segments. It could turn a good idea into a great execution! Or, experience a focus group for yourself by applying for ours.


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