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Solving Maternal Health Barriers with MOM®

Severe pregnancy-related complications affect more than 50,000 women in the United States each year.

Two-thirds of those complications related to pregnancy in the United States are preventable.

mom® application was created to help reduce the number of women who necessarily experience severe complications and potentially death in Texas. mom® gives women and their families healthcare support from prenatal and delivery to postpartum and their next pregnancy.

Everyone’s pregnancy (pre, during, and post) journey is different and can certainly feel overwhelming. mom® will help guide you, by milestones, to what would be considered normal or uncomfortable to what is severe and may need immediate medical attention.

We love solving problems with creative and innovative solutions. Although this is #specwork (speculative work created for prospective clients), we always anchor our solutions in research, what will resonate with the target, and an organization's goals.


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