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Lessons from Shelter-in-Place

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

The Hit List - Lists to inspire.

“It’s made me realize how little time I actually have with my kids as kids. My oldest started middle school, and I realized I only have six years with them in the house before they go to college. I’m focused more on valuing these experiences.”

– Jeff M.

“Take care of your body. That’s too important in this life. It can help you focus more on anything.”

– Satish D.

“I learned that my house gets really ignored. I’ve enjoyed remodeling, figuring out how to make every room somewhere I want to hang out in. I’ve also figured out the work-from-home model is effective. Probably the most sustainable change is that ABI will probably always have a hybrid model from now on.

– Sophia J.

“Even though I’m very much introverted, my extroverted side misses people asking me to go out. My introverted side misses declining those offers.”

– Qavonte W.

“I miss not being able to shake someone’s hand or give someone a hug when I greet them. I feel like when I meet people not being able to touch that person means we didn’t full meet. Something is missing. It’s made me realize how important human touch is.”

– Forrest B.

“I’ve learned to value my time at work. I miss that contact, just talking to people, seeing people, having a couple of laughs.”

– Fiorella M.

“I’ve learned that I really, really like the person I married. You have to spend so much time with them. We have a lot of fun.”

– Dawn M.


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