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ABI Stands By Dallas County

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Leaving money on the table isn’t an option when it comes to government-provided funding for major counties. At ABI, we want to help make every dollar count while reaching the people who need it most. Last year, we were able to offer our assistance to three amazing campaigns that assisted the people of Dallas County.



The pandemic hit everyone hard and small businesses were no exception. Many owners found themselves having to make the difficult choice of shutting their doors for good, if they couldn’t get any help.

Thankfully, Dallas County stepped in with their Small Business Assistance program, helping business owners in need with up to $15,000 in funding. ABI’s marketing tactics enabled the program to help over 600 businesses.


Rental Assistance - Dallas County

Past-due rents, mortgages, and utilities were becoming a growing problem for Dallas County residents when the pandemic hit full force.

Hundreds faced eviction from landlords and management companies plus were at risk of losing their homes. We worked with Dallas County to develop a solution: offer short-term emergency housing assistance programs aimed at aiding individuals and households with rental, mortgage, and utility (water/sewage) assistance for residents impacted by the pandemic. Bringing awareness of this Cares funding-based program included the following collateral:


Radio + Commercial


To reach the ones who needed assistance the most, we made this campaign available in multiple languages.

Rental Assistance - City of Fort Worth

The "Neighbors" campaign was developed from real life stories of needing rental assistance. Both empathetic and data driven insights were used to bring this digital integrated campaign to life for the City of Fort Worth.

Logo + Branding

Tasked with developing an identity for the ERA (Emergency Rental Assistance) program allowed us to rework city-provided assets working within City of Fort Worth brand guidelines.

The logo seen is a combination of city skyline and apartment buildings to indicate the variety of residents that are helped with this program. Tucked between the building silhouettes the City of Fort Worth logo (Betty) is nestled into the design that is locked up before the bold ERA word mark. This identity was used across creative thus building awareness for both the brand and the program.

Campaign Elements

Working with social, radio, video and digital platforms to create an integrated campaign - throughout the visuals you’ll see diverse images that are derived from the commercial as well as a mix of tenants, landlords, and families affected by the ERA program. Each call to action is geared towards taking the small step of asking for help - the City of Fort Worth can do the rest, including handling the stress of missed bills.

Bus Ads



“Heroes Get Vaccinated” Vaccine Efforts

​​In the midst of the pandemic, one thing has been on everyone’s mind: staying safe. In our campaign, “Heroes Get Vaccinated,” we worked in conjunction with Dallas County Health and Human Services to share the ease and importance of becoming vaccinated.

The challenge was convincing the members of our community who were unsure about the vaccine. There were plenty of concerns, questions, and fear about the safety of the vaccine, so we needed to let them know why it was the right choice, why it was the safe choice. While there’s tons of science that backs up the need for vaccines, we knew we had to get to the heart of the issue. And that meant showing the audience their reason for getting vaccinated.

Through a series of videos, we used our “Heroes Get Vaccinated” campaign to show that getting vaccinated was for more than themselves — it was for those they cared for most. With such engaging and impactful messaging, we were able to deliver assets to the target audiences and encourage a rise in vaccinations by providing information on where and when to go. We also provided a website where interested individuals could access answers and help schedule appointments.



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