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iOS 14 Will Change Digital Media Buying. ABI is Ready for the Challenge.

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Developing the best possible media plan requires attention to detail, an understanding of the target audience and an ability to analyze data that can lead to a better ROI. With A360 ABI’s ability to plan and implement media buying generates improved results for clients as it puts the messages in front of the right audiences at the right time.

Annette Reid Blaylock, ABI’s Senior Media Buyer, said, “There is research involved in developing the strategy. We look at how the client’s ideal customer fits into the media we target.”

This strategic focus reinforces A360 as fundamental to every facet of a campaign. From the development of creative to the delivery of the messages, understanding each client’s customers informs what ABI does.

This focus improves ABI’s ability to deliver client-pleasing ROI.

“In the case of one of our largest clients, we took an in-depth look at the lifetime value of their customers. When we did, we noticed a distinct pattern with men 25 to 35 years of age. They were our dominant market for purchase,” Annette said.

Annette continued, “When we compared this information against the campaign reports, we were able to optimize the campaign to target more precisely and improve the ROI.”

A range of technical aspects and an understanding of the factors involved in attributing acquisition accurately played a role in the optimization. These factors assist with accurate reporting, which then informs ABI how to better target the client’s ideal customers.

Campaign optimization has been a vital component of how ABI delivers for all of our clients. We can effectively and efficiently allocate budgets based on our in-depth understanding of the clients, the optimal media mix and the expected ROI — which we use as a baseline for our goals.

Creating an ideal ROI through an optimized digital media buying plan will become more challenging as the digital media buying landscape changes.

Changes to the digital media buying landscape will make ABI’s ability to understand a target audience through A360 even more important in the future. The changes in Apple’s new iOS14 operating system will make it more challenging to accurately target users with advertising messages. Changes also are expected to be incorporated into the Android operating system in the near future.

For an in-depth discussion of these changes, be sure to watch the latest episode of our Influencer Series:

Our clients can be assured that despite these changes, ABI will continue pursuing fully integrated plans so we reach our targets across multiple channels and do not rely on a digital-only approach. We will also leverage each client’s first-party data to be as precise as possible when targeting customers via email, SMS and other media. Doing so will help us be as accurate as possible during digital media buying and the tracking of subsequent ROI.

Our years of experience delivering creative messages across the media spectrum followed by close scrutiny of results to ensure optimization provides confidence that any changes to digital delivery and tracking will have minimal impact on our ability to deliver excellent results.

When you’re ready to discuss how to reach your ideal target audience and how the changing digital advertising landscape could affect your bottom line, contact ABI and set up your initial consultation.


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