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Join the Keeping It 100 Ad Industry Voting Challenge!

We are challenging 100 agencies to Keep It 100!

Can your agency make a 100% participation commitment to the November 2020 U.S. Election?

We're in this industry because we believe what we do makes a difference. Our influence shapes lives, actions and thoughts. Every day, we change the hearts and minds of people all across the world. We inform decisions. We entertain lives. We inspire action. Let’s use this force for good. It’s time to mobilize our industry and amplify our voices, so we can earn the tomorrow we all deserve – not only for ourselves but for everyone.

There are three simple ways you can support this movement:

1. Pledge your agency's 100% voting participation in this November election.

2. Share this movement with your industry network.

3. Challenge at least three other agencies to Keep It 100!

The Keeping It 100 Challenge is a non-partisan, non-PAC initiative to increase voter participation by leveraging the voices, resources and reach of the advertising industry to make an impact for our democracy.


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