Employee Spotlight - Sarah Green

Our favorite Digital Art Director, Sarah Green, does her best creative thinking when she’s driving. “Sometimes, I’ll go driving just to get inspiration. I like exploring and learning things from other people.”

Before landing at ABI, Sarah had worked for such memorable brands as Nautica, Mattel and Guinness Beer. From a young age, Sarah has been passionate about creating things. “I just want to make things all day,” she said. As it turns out, creating is in her blood. Her father is a designer too! Bill Green runs the California-based Flurry Agency.

When asked for her best tip on creating meaningful and engaging design work, Sarah suggests designers try the empathetic approach. “I try to put myself in the audience’s perspective.”

Her favorite quote is by singer Bryce Vine. “No chips but I’m all in.” “Sometimes,” Sarah said, “the best projects are those that bring you outside of your comfort zone.”


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