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Employee Spotlight: Marchella Simon - Traffic Manager

Marchella Simon has been an integral member of the ABI team for more than five years. Her title of Traffic Manager doesn’t convey the scope of what she does nor of what she has accomplished. From her start as an account service intern through her transition to an Account Executive all the way to her current management role, her ability to build relationships while maintaining control of budgets, deadlines and the scopes of projects has been impressive.

“I focus on providing outstanding customer service while helping overcome challenges and successfully carrying out each client’s vision.” – Marchella Simon

She attended the University of North Texas, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing.

Marchella’s deep involvement in the community has ranged from implementing key events for her sorority, serving as a tutor and volunteer for the University of North Texas to helping organize fundraising events for Big Brothers Big Sisters.


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