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Employee Spotlight: Srikusum Rai

We’re excited to introduce one of our hard-working Senior Account Executives who just celebrated her full year with ABI–Srikusum Rai! Bringing over 10 years of experience, Sri has spent time in a variety of advertising and marketing sectors from retail to entertainment to more. But after experiencing her share of big agencies, Sri saw ABI as the perfect change in pace.

“I was drawn to ABI because of its female-led team and the diversity of our team. Also, I enjoy working somewhere that I can work with a small but powerful team to make a difference in the community.”

With this first year under her belt, Sri has had the opportunity to work with some of our largest clients from Dallas County to City of Fort Worth. ABI has produced many successful campaigns under Sri’s leadership and guidance, making her a valuable asset to Account Services and the Creative Team. She’s always ready to collaborate and give her full attention to whatever is asked of her.

When Sri isn’t hard at work, she enjoys calligraphy, reading, going to the cinema, and finding peace in nature. She’s also getting ready to have her first child and we’re excited for the arrival of her new bundle of joy.

“I've been excited about the opportunities to do work that matters and gets noticed such as the Ending HIV initiative by Dallas County. Best of all, I've been able to make new friends and as an expectant mother, everyone has been great at offering advice and been supportive in this journey!”

It’s been a wonderful year having Sri as part of the ABI team and we can’t wait to see what many more years will bring with her.


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