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Politics and work: should the two mix?

Politics. A heated topic to navigate and hard to avoid, especially around election year.

Is it a topic that should be discussed in the workplace, though? The answer is not so straightforward, at times it can be unavoidable, especially if you’re passionate about issues that are on the ballot.

Never assume that having a discussion about politics with someone with a different viewpoint will drastically change the way they see things.

If you’re looking to keep the peace and avoid any awkward tension in the office, it’s best to avoid the topic, change the subject, or be direct and say you don’t want to talk about politics.

Not only should you be mindful of your co-workers, you should also be mindful of partners, clients and prospects that might not have the same perspective. If you find yourself caught up talking politics, genuinely try to understand your co-workers' viewpoint, knowing that you’re both going to leave the conversation having to agree to disagree, and that’s ok.

Be cautious of how you phrase your messaging and the point you want to get across. Let your co-worker do the same and both parties need to be respectful and aware that everyone’s life circumstances shape the way you view life, so a little empathy will go a long way.


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