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Client Spotlight: DFW International Airport

Updated: May 10, 2021

Making Prepaid Parking more appealing.

Parking isn’t usually a top-of-mind consideration for most people. Even when traveling by air, the cost or convenience is a last-minute decision. With DFW Airport’s introduction of Prepaid Parking, a lower-cost online solution for parking, ABI was asked to lead the strategy for educating and acquiring new users.

Ultimately, ABI needed to help DFW International Airport influence the way consumers thought about airport parking during their travel planning.

When ABI was engaged to develop creative, DFW Prepaid Parking was only six months old. Our goal was to acquire 1 million users in 2019. We exceeded that, bringing in over 1.1mm users! We achieved that goal by applying our A360™ approach to understanding the audience, how to segment them and developing messages tailored for each segment.

To introduce an entirely new concept to the market and influence travelers to prepay for their parking—something that had never been done in the region—we implemented a long-term, multipronged marketing campaign that aggressively pursued target market segments with relevant messaging that considered where they were in the customer journey. Messaging focused on promoting parking discounts to capture attention while it also educated consumers on the advantages of prepaying for airport parking and how to access the prepay system. And most importantly, we reframed the concept of airport parking, defining it as a trip-planning necessity while customers book their hotels, search for flights and consider budgets and locations.

Our marketing strategy was to begin with creating awareness among possible customers and then develop a customer journey that would ultimately turn them into Ambassadors who not only use Prepaid Parking regularly, but also tell others about its benefits.

Senior Art Director Satish Dusa discusses a marketing campaign photo needed for Prepaid Airport Parking at DFW.
Discussing Prepaid Airport Parking at DFW.

Over the course of our relationship with DFW Prepaid Parking, we know we’ve made a positive impact on both awareness and attributable revenue.

In 2019, the year we started our relationship, Google searches for “DFW Airport Prepaid Parking” increased more than 70%. More importantly than an increase in searches, during ABI’s relationship with DFW Airport the number of average monthly transactions increased 21%. This increase in transactions has created a corresponding increase in average monthly revenue.

Crucial to our success was the dynamic optimization of digital assets across multiple platforms. With our digital team’s expertise, we created broad awareness in the market for the top of the sales funnel, while also focusing on upcoming travelers down through the middle and bottom of the funnel to drive final decisions. Using data from consumers showing interest as well as those who have taken advantage of DFW Prepaid Parking, we continue to tailor creative executions to improve campaign results. With targeted headlines, evocative copy and images that connect with the audience, we capture attention and create loyal customers.

If we can make parking more appealing and profitable, imagine what we can do for your business. Contact us today to start the discussion.


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