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Client Spotlight: Forest Forward

Revitalizing a community to reignite dreams

Forest Forward is a client with a bold vision to reinvigorate an historic community and in the process, set its residents on a path out of poverty toward prosperity. ABI’s mission is to bring their message to their core audience. This has begun with materials designed to appeal to investors to ensure that the project acquires the funding necessary to meet its goals. As investors become involved and funding is secured, our work will focus on the community’s revitalization to bring both businesses and residents to the neighborhood so they make Forest Forward their home.

Who is Forest Forward?

In the simplest terms, Forest Forward is a mixed-use development that will be centered around the historic Forest Theater in South Dallas. Their plans and visions are much greater than a real estate development, because Forest Forward is about much more than a piece of land or a particular landmark.

Forest Forward plans to overcome generations of exclusion, restrictions and neglect by reinvesting in the community around the Forest Theater and return it to a prominent place in the Dallas landscape.

Their planning includes:

  • Cradle-to-College Education that will serve as an educational pipeline for all of the community’s children

  • Community Wellness that will provide job training, resident support and adult education and

  • Mixed-Income Housing that will replace low-income housing to establish safe, inviting, family friendly neighborhoods.

Where will we make an influence?

ABI has been combining the insights A360 affords with the artistry of our strategic planning and creativity to develop both the foundation/development and the theater. We are working to:

  1. appeal to investors,

  2. raise awareness within the community and

  3. drive interest in the project.

By generating investments and interest, we are spurring Fast Forward’s initial growth as we continue working on long-term marketing planning, website development, brand standardization and public relations.


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