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Client Profile: AB Brands

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Meet AB Brands!

Last year, ABI helped AB Brands launch its new haircare brand Earth Supplied – a line of haircare products for textured hair with high levels of the purest butters and oils.

Targeting a millennial audience with specific haircare needs, the client knew it was entering a crowded market. To appeal to a young, hip audience, they sought a distinctive brand experience with a fresh tone. ABI delivered.

“ABI was a great match for AB Brands because of our trademark approach to audience engagement,” said ABI president Sophia Johnson. “AB Brands was facing a unique market segment with unique haircare needs. Our focus on audience research, analysis and segmentation allows us to develop laser-sharp ad content that speaks directly to unique or diverse audience segments with empathy and sensitivity.”

To date, ABI has developed the new Earth Supplied website, digital B2C ads, B2B collateral and ads, as well as influencer videos and engagement. Our first year with AB Brands was wildly successful. Due in part to our marketing efforts, AB Brands was able to get Earth Supplied on shelves in Sally’s Beauty Supply, Walmart and the vast network of beauty supply dealers.


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