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Project Profile: University Ad Campaign

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

While the ongoing pandemic has, understandably, put up numerous obstacles for advertisers and their clients, ABI continues to seek out ways to push the envelope and deliver creative solutions.

Our client Tarrant County College District needed to reach its market with their planned video ad campaign – despite the health crisis overwhelming much of America. At ABI, we’re known for our ability to deliver. So, we began generating compelling concepts that could succeed within the given restraints.

With safety of paramount concern, we decided against using a traditional set, which meant we had to consider alternative solutions. The creative process is essentially the same whether you’re working in person or via video conference.

Everything from the brainstorm to casting calls to shooting was done via video conference. In total, we produced six videos on a tight timeline. The client was thrilled with the end product, and the campaign was launched on time.

In an environment where many were slowing down or even shutting down, ABI has found ways to work and keep their clients relevant.



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