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How educators can keep families informed during a pandemic

As adults, dealing with COVID-19 has been stressful on so many levels. Now imagine being a child and having your whole routine abruptly changed without understanding why.

These tiny humans are accustomed to being outside jumping, running, and interacting with others, and they were forced to stay indoors for months with no other human contact besides those under the same roof.

Educational institutions need to prepare the needed information to help families transition their children after months of staying indoors.

  • Providing accurate information like CDC guidelines through email or mail will help families prepare when their child heads back to in-school learning.

  • Download information on how parents can talk to their children that are experiencing anxiety and stress because of COVID.

  • Plan your content strategy ahead of time so you can distribute information consistently. Information is constantly being updated and you should plan and adapt your strategy at a moment's notice.

  • Have counselors readily available to talk to parents and students to address any concerns they have because of COVID-19.


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