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The impact of COVID-19 on children and what the healthcare industry is doing to mitigate anxiety

Expressing the difficulties that COVID-19 has brought us on a global scale is nearly impossible to put into words. Everyone is exhausted but trying to push forward. Adults are better suited to cope with what’s going on, but even then it’s tiresome.

Children, on the other hand, need more assistance with trying to understand what’s going on. Their worlds completely flipped upside down without understanding the severity of the circumstances they now have to adjust to.

The question is, what kind of help can medical professionals provide parents with to help their children manage the anxiety and uncertainty that comes with COVID-19?

Families will seek information that will help them discuss this very urgent topic with kids that may be displaying symptoms of stress like irritation, anger, lack of motivation, and feeling sad or depressed.

As marketing professionals we would advise healthcare professionals to create a strategic plan that will reach their consumers on several platforms and create different types of consumable content that will suit different audiences within their space.

Here are some options to consider:

Create a dedicated landing page that will house various resources within your medical facility that allows families to find the answers on talking about this tough topic, make appointments with a specific professional like a Behavioral Health expert, Psychologist, Pediatrician, etc.


Create and send out a drip campaign for a webinar you’ll host with several experts to engage with parents that would prefer that format over reading. You can syndicate this webinar and add it to video platforms like YouTube or embed it within your own website.


Create several blog posts that will cover the various questions surrounding COVID like information on the vaccines that will be coming, updated guidelines from the CDC, and have other experts that can advise on how to help parents understand what signs to look for should their child be suffering from depression, stress, and anxiety.


Create children-appropriate infographics that parents can show their children when they talk about COVID-19.

Sending timely and relevant information to your consumer around this topic is necessary to help mitigate the anxiety that children and youth are experiencing and unable to express.

The long-term effects that the coronavirus will have are yet to be known. With the right healthcare marketing strategy and plan in place, you can build trust, authority, and lasting relationships with your audience.

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