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Press Release - Keeping It 100 Challenge

The Power of Messaging

Ad agency challenges industry to spread message to encourage audience to register to vote

For immediate release

October 13, 2020

DALLAS, TX — With Election Day less than a month away, and early voting beginning on October 13th, in a nonpartisan effort, Alpha Business Images (ABI), has rolled out the Keeping It 100 Challenge to spread the message of encouraging voter participation with the help and talent of peers in the advertising industry.

This year’s election will be staggeringly different from any prior election year due to the obstacles COVID-19 presents, the misinformation about mailing in ballots and the reality that not every U.S. citizen has registered to vote because of political exhaustion and friction in 2020. ABI is recruiting the creative ingenuity and passion that all agencies pour over their clients to extend those same efforts to our democratic republic — each agency pledging 100% participation in not just this election but in ALL elections. “Every Person. Every Election” will inspire ad agencies to join the movement and do what they do best — influence, inspire and act.

Millions of people still haven’t registered to vote, 23 million of whom are immigrants concentrated in five states — California, New York, Florida, Texas and New Jersey. Sadly, the deadline to register in some states, like Texas, has passed, but an opportunity yet exists for spreading the message to compel those who think voting won’t make a difference to register.

The goal is to get the word out and give our communities the information they need to register and where they can register and provide the resources about each candidate, so each voter can be informed and make the right choice. Forty states are allowing their constituents to register to vote online.

For more information on the Keeping It 100 Challenge, go to



ABI is a full-service marketing and advertising firm defined by The Art of Influence. Through its proprietary system Audience 360, ABI analyzes clients’ audiences and creates and tailors content that connects to and influences relationships with brands. Adweek’s Top 100 List in 2020 recognized ABI as one of the fastest-growing ad agencies in the world.



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