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Marketing trends for 2021 that need your consideration

2020 has shown us a lot about what consumers expect from the brands they support. Between the pandemic, political divide, and abhorrent racism and inequality we’ve witnessed, people expect brands to take a stand instead of trying to be politically correct and diplomatic.

Now that we’re moving in to 2021, there are some marketing trends that your brand needs to adopt now.

For starters, your brand needs to function seamlessly while working remote. That means implementing the right software, workflows, and communication strategies to make sure everyone can do their job efficiently and effectively.

Learn to make your marketing more human. The pandemic unveiled a lot of tone-deaf blunders, and consumers were quick to call out the brands that made them. Don’t be that brand.

Purpose. Know why you do what you do and lead with that. Your values, mission, and vision should be so obvious to consumers so they understand why they should continue to support you. If your brand is self-serving, you’ll quickly lose supporters.

Adapt and plan for change at a moment’s notice. These uncertain times require quick thinking and action. Include transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability. Your audience will understand and will be more likely to support you because you’ve humanized your brand, and that’s what people need right now.

Be diverse and inclusive. The world is asking and yearning to see themselves in marketing campaigns that mirror their wants and needs. Hear what they’re saying, understand what they want, and deliver the solution with the expectations they deserve.

Are you saying ‘huh’? If you need help, reach out to our team of diverse and creative marketers that can steer your brand in the right direction starting in 2021.



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