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Graphic Design Intern


Here’s an opportunity to grow your skills and career through genuine hands-on experience in an agency. You’ll work directly with Art Directors and Junior Artists to design and prepare promotional, corporate and advertising materials. You’ll have the opportunity to visit printers, be part of strategic and client meetings, and work alongside seasoned creatives. And when you complete your internship, your portfolio will be expanded with professionally designed work.

List of Duties Include:

  • - Work under the guidance of the creative team to design and produce collateral

  • - Assist Art Directors with design and production

  • - Work on projects from start to finish

  • - Participate in developing strategies, design, and presentation with the creative team

  • - Enjoy opportunities for working individually as well as with a team

  • - Gain opportunities for expressing your creativity through graphic design

The particulars:

  • Four-month internship – summer and academic terms

  • Gas and parking stipend to be paid along with $1,000 upon completion of internship. (Not a paid-hourly position.)

  • Part- or full-time

  • Hours: 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

We just might be looking for you. 

send an email with your resume to to be considered for an interview.  

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