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Let’s talk about where your marketing needs to take you and how ABI can help you get there. Explore our full range of capabilities with our marketing strategy team today.

Creative insight is transforming ideas into captivating campaigns. Creative passion is using intuition, experience, research to inspire to captivate audiences to move. Content that’s well designed, impactful, and on strategy.


  • Activations/Events

  • Campaigns

  • Digital

  • Film/Video

  • Social

  • UX/UI

  • Websites and Apps


Our goal is to ensure our clients capture 360 degrees of their audience, not the “general market” that leaves money on the table. Because of that, we’ve created our proprietary process, A360, for creative strategy, execution and media planning. It begins with diverse minds steeped in research, strategy sessions and audience segmentation. From there, we identify optimal points of intersection – online hotspots, in-person gathering spaces and shared influencers. We tailor creative and develop media plans, experiences and events that produce authentic impact and influence.


A360. Our method is proven, our return on investment is enviable and our clients are happy. ABI – The Art of Influence.

Our Diversity is Intentional

ABI is proud to be comprised of a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and multi-generational team. ABI is Black, Latin, Asian, Indian, White, male, female, grandparent, student and single. For your benefit, we’re prepared.  Because penetrating and persuading the audience demands that we not know only know them, but that we are them.

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