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ABI Understands CARES and Government Entities.

Leaving money on the table isn’t an option when it comes to government-provided county funding in Dallas and Fort Worth. At ABI, we want to help make every dollar count while reaching the people who need it most. Last year, we were able to offer our assistance to three amazing campaigns that assisted the residents all across Texas.


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Dallas County
“Heroes Get Vaccinated” Vaccine Efforts

​​In the midst of the pandemic, one thing has been on everyone’s mind: staying safe. In our campaign, “Heroes Get Vaccinated,” we worked in conjunction with Dallas County Health and Human Services to share the ease and importance of becoming vaccinated.

English :30 Broadcast Commercial

English :30 Broadcast Commercial

English :30 Broadcast Commercial

Display-_DC21004-HHS COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts -4-08.jpg
DC21004-HHS COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts - Social_1080X1080-03.jpg
DC21004-COVID-19 Vaccine Efforts - Protect_Chinese.jpg

A Digital Ad Campaign was translated in multiple languages for social + display.

City of Fort Worth
“Neighbors” Rental Assistance Efforts

The "Neighbors" campaign was developed from real life stories of needing rental assistance. Both empathetic and data driven insights were used to bring this digital integrated campaign to life for the City of Fort Worth. 

"Neighbors" English :30 Broadcast Commercial

"Neighbors" English Radio Spot

"Calling Home" English Radio Spot

Dallas County 
Rental Assistance Tenants + Landlords

Hundreds faced eviction from landlords and management companies plus were at risk of losing their homes. We worked with Dallas County to develop a solution: offer short-term emergency housing assistance programs aimed at aiding individuals and households with rental, mortgage, and utility (water/sewage) assistance for residents impacted

by the pandemic.

English :30 Broadcast Commercial

DC21001-Rental Assistance Campaign - CreativeOG_300x250.jpg

Spanish :30 Broadcast Commercial

DC21001-Rental Assistance Campaign - Creative2_300x250.jpg

Social Media Ads for "Got your back"

Dallas County 
2020 U.S. Census Participation Initiative

To ensure that Dallas County received its share of future government funding for social programs and to secure fair representation for Texas in the U.S. Congress, ABI needed to reach out to and engage the county’s hard-to-count populations. Not only did we face the expected challenges of language barriers, residents with little or no access to the internet and overall awareness of the census and its importance, but we were heavily impacted by two external events.

2020 U.S. Census Participation Initiative Case Study 

Video for Texas Census

Dallas County 
Voting Assistance

To ensure that Dallas County voters were well informed we worked on two educational focused videos to implement a marketing and media strategy to educate voters on issues such as registering to vote, applying for ballot by mail, returning their mail-in ballot, and the voting process.

English - Election Training Video

English - Ballot By Mail Explination Video

English - Election Training Video

Dallas County 
Ending HIV by 2030

ABI developed a multi phase campaign that would spread awareness & educate the target group about Dallas County's innovate to end HIV. Highlighting importance of taking care of their sexual health and the resources that are available for the same. 

Spanish - "History" Video

English - "You're Important" Video

Spanish - "You're Important" Video

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