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Level Up Your Marketing Tactics for 2022

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

We’ve been toggling between isolation at home and office life, and we’re adjusting how we work. That has brought about many changes and new techniques.

The way people prefer to consume media has changed but thankfully, we have some ideas to help your business keep current with marketing trends that are proving their power throughout the pandemic.

Video Marketing

Short-form video marketing is where it’s at — since attention spans are short, it’s important to create eye-catching, witty, and memorable videos. The rise of apps like TikTok and the addition of Instagram reels and Vimeo Live has extended consumers’ reach while allowing marketers to flex their creative muscles. If you haven’t made the leap, now’s the time.

Check out our video portfolio.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

Alongside video marketing is the newfound dive into VR and AR. New technology like the Oculus and apps like Snapchat have given us an entirely new world to explore. Such 360-degree marketing can put your audience in the element of your choosing, giving consumers an opportunity to experience your product or see how it can fit into their life without them having to leave home. The catch? It takes talented coders and designers to make those experiences possible. Stepping into VR and AR will give your brand a serious competitive advantage! Companies like Ikea, Sephora, Oreo, and TOMS Shoes have already made great strides in this department, so look at their marketing for inspiration.


Through their ability to gain and persuade large numbers of followers and fans, influencers have unique ways of reaching out to your target audience in a far more personal and intimate setting — a great way to present your brand. ABI is using influencers to market, test, and review products as they present them to our target audience. For our clients, this can be an affordable and highly effective component of our marketing strategy.

With more insights on how to impact the LGBTQ+ community, we leveraged the power of our local star power to carry our client’s message for our PrEP campaign:


Podcasting has erupted in a way no one expected. In just three years, podcast listeners have grown to nearly 30% and over 40% of Americans listening to podcasts monthly.* While many lament that ‘everyone has a podcast,’ that’s not a bad thing! Podcasts educate, inform, and entertain an audience all at once. And they fit perfectly into everyone’s lifestyle because you can listen whenever, pause, replay, and skip at your leisure. Does this mean your company needs to start a podcast? Not necessarily. Many brands have reaped success in sponsoring popular podcasts which can grant them ad space, mentions, product reviews, and more. But if you do want to start your own podcast, ABI can help ensure your content is topical and entertaining and delivers a unique spin to catch your audience’s attention. Podcasts can be hosted on many spaces including Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud, and more.

We found success in assembling a speaker series:

Live Streaming

Maybe you’ve heard of live streaming that refers to live conferences or luncheons but it can be used for so much more! Since our time of isolation, live streaming has been successfully used for concerts, conventions, speeches, and connecting with audiences all over the world. Just between March and April of 2020, the rate of live streaming grew by 45%. Live streaming a press conference or presentation allows you to hold events both in person and online simultaneously. The addition of chat rooms, reactions, and other features enables your audience to interact with you even if they’re not there physically. It’s truly the best of both worlds. So why not engage with all of your audience? Don’t let location limit your reach or alienate anyone. Hold your conferences, presentations, press releases, and more in a live stream!

Some great examples ABI has worked on are the DFW Service Awards and Dallas ISD’s live stream graduation!

These are just a few of the many new trends that you should try this year. You may find one that is the next best thing for your company and brand!

Have you already tried some of these?


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