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The Hit List - Lists to inspire

Whether you need a little inspiration, entertainment or education – check out the ABI team’s favorite podcasts.

1. The Bill Simmons Podcast: Bill Simmons leads the most downloaded sports podcast of all time.

– Recommended by Jeff Meade (Chief Strategist)

2. Happiness Lab: Discover the science of happiness with Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos.

- Recommended by: Sarah Green (Art Director)

3. Historically Black: Using story to bring to life the objects of black history.

– Recommended by BriAnna Morris (Account Executive)

4. The Motley Fool: Investing tips and insight from brothers David and Tom Gardner.

- Recommended by Marchella Simon (Traffic Coordinator)

5. Murder, Mystery & Makeup: Bailey Sarian discusses true-life murder mysteries while applying makup (also on YouTube).

– Recommended by Dawn Davidson (Creative Director)

6. Radiolab: Deep-dive explorations of science, philosophy and ethics.

– Recommended by Forrest Buchly (Senior Copywriter)

7. Revisionist History: Malcom Gladwell reinterprets misunderstood events, persons and ideas from the past.

– Recommended by Sophia Johnson (President)


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