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Employee Spotlight - QaVonte Williams

QaVonte — ‘Q’, as we call him — Williams brings more than graphic design capabilities to every creative opportunity.

“I’m always learning, especially about photography, videography and design. I’ve taught myself animation and Snapchat filter development. Anything I can learn to help clients and ABI grow is what I’ll focus on next.”

As a graduate of the Art Institute, Q has consistently proven his technical design skills time and time again. In addition to his superb technical skills, he has a keen eye for aesthetics that makes him a priceless asset on any team. Although his primary job is at ABI, he also serves as Art Director for Life at the Hill where he creates various promotional items, in addition to overseeing the organization’s entire creative process. Apart from winning two NAACP Excel Awards, QaVonte has also worked for well-known agencies in DFW such as EMB.

QaVonte was also instrumental in the development and successful launch of ABI’s Virtual Graduation platform. His expertise and experience were crucial to the successful completion of a powerful tool that not many in the education field had access to and now all of our clients do.


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