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Employee Spotlight: Fiorella Murillo

Updated: May 18, 2021

Executive Assistant

“I love that every day is a new challenge and it’s never the same thing twice.”

Fiorella Murillo is a crucial member of the ABI team. She is an accomplished administrator and project coordinator with a successful broad-based career guiding the implementation of industry best practices, standards, processes, and tools to strengthen teams and drive competitive growth. Fiorella has proven her ability to navigate complex situations while mitigating risks and building strategic partnerships time and again.

Though she’s always laughing and extroverted, Fiorella truly thrives behind the scenes while helping make everything run smoothly. From organizing interviews and onboarding to translation and project management, she remains involved in every aspect of ABI’s business. She also does her best to avoid the spotlight – even when we shine it on her.

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