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Employee Spotlight: Lauren Hill

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Make way for the newest member of ABI, Senior Copywriter Lauren Hill. Unlike our previous new hires, Lauren is completely new to the family. With a diverse background of work in anime, comics, direct sales, gaming, and more, she certainly lives up to the creative in Creative Team. Lauren’s pretty hard to miss thanks to a unique fashion sense, brightly-colored hair (which is currently a blue/purple/pink gradient), colorful tattoos, and pair of too-cute glasses and she isn’t afraid to turn heads with her looks or copy. She brings a unique perspective to the team and is quick to craft copious amounts of copy. And saying she’s not your average copywriter is more than an understatement.

“I wasn’t formally trained in marketing or advertising. I actually majored in Creative Writing and my first job out of college was in Human Resources. But, advertising has always been a part of my life since I grew up watching my dad work as a salesman and hearing stories about his dad working in sales. Guess it was just a matter of time before I stumbled into it.”

ABI is Lauren’s first experience in the agency world and so far, she’s loving it!

“I was honestly terrified to work in an agency. A lot of my creative friends had so many horror stories that it made me think in-house was the only way to go. But when I interviewed with Dawn and the creative team, I was surprised by how chill they were. I’m really glad I took the offer to come here because everyone here has been amazing. I’m used to being the odd one out but they’ve never made me feel that way. ABI has an amazing vibe and is a great place to be.

When Lauren isn’t making copy magic, she runs a virtual convention with her local anime group, cooks up a storm in the kitchen, participates in Japanese Fashion groups, writes her own original stories, and spoils two chonky cats named Bug and Oolong. She’s also an avid reader and can always be found with a book on hand or in her bright pink purse. You can find plenty of pictures of her fashion, cats, and food on Instagram.

While the writer of this article is 100% biased, we know Lauren is going to be an important addition to our mastery of influence and greatness!

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