Deep Dive with Mark Duebner

Introducing Deep Dive – penetrating conversations ABI is having with leaders in each of our industry verticals.

In another edition of Deep Dive, we spoke with Mark Duebner, Director of Aviation for the City of Dallas, who started working for the city in 1995.

Duebner spoke to ABI about the airport’s primary audiences – from super traveler all the way to the rare flier – and offered a refreshingly realistic and insightful perspective on catering to their experience. “Those four groups are in conflict as we plan the airport,” he said. “You can’t have a completely seamless journey. You want people to flow, but sometimes you have to have an overpass.”

For example, while the super traveler wants to move to the next step and get to their destination as quickly as possible, the rare flier needs to talk to a person face-to-face to reduce anxiety. “How do we place signs to guide these groups around each other?” Duebner asked.

Sharing Data

To improve the flow between all the disparate entities involved in air travel – from the Uber driver to the concessions shop to the gate agent – Duebner wants to facilitate the exchange of valuable customer data, all to improve the traveler’s experience. “Currently, we’re not doing anything to help you in those transitions. And airports don’t share information among each other. But if we did, we could let them know you’re coming or shoot them a relevant coupon.”

Team Ownership

He also discussed his philosophy on promoting employee ownership of the airport. “We focus on valuing our employees. We let them know we care about them. Then they care about each other. Then we all care about the customer and the facility. We have ownership. Everyone on our team will stop to pick a piece of trash in the airport, even our police members.”

The ABI team is grateful for the time Duebner took to chat with us and provide some industry insights. Thanks, Mark!


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