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TWU wanted to increase enrollment and bring greater awareness to two of its strongest academic programs at its Institute of Health Sciences in Houston – nursing and executive MBA (EMBA). To do that, it called on the marketing agency with a strong track record in Texas educational marketing, ABI. Looking at the target audience and its habits, as well as the available budget, ABI knew that Facebook could provide the engagement TWU was looking for. Three separate Facebook campaigns would target three student categories: nursing, EMBA and general graduate school hopefuls.

As this was the TWU team’s first foray into Facebook advertising, ABI would serve in the role of trusted advisor and guide as well.


ABI understood that running a search campaign on Facebook would allow us to target users that were actively seeking higher education opportunities – making it the ideal platform for engaging potential degree candidates.

Combining insights from TWU’s email database and ABI experience in educational marketing, we carefully identified the target audience that we thought could most effectively be engaged. Not only were we looking for active degree seekers, but also interested users who weren’t actively seeking – ensuring that potential enrollees did not slip through our net. We built our target audience based on several criteria, including interests, affinities and degrees completed. We also developed geographic targets, utilizing data on the specific groups.


• Ad clicks during the campaign averaged an incredible and cost-effective $0.12/click.

• By target audience, the graduate school target clicked on over 58,000 ads, the nursing target clicked on over 34,000 ads, and the              EMBA target clicked on over 28,000 ads.

• Altogether, Facebook users clicked on no less than 120,000 ads – representing significant increased engagement with the TWU                academic platform.



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